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Mind-blowing: drug-buyers offered ‘psychic’ aid

- By David Millward US CORRESPOND­ENT

A MAINE company is enlisting psychics to help customers locate “lost” marijuana in an attempt to kick-start business in the state.

Despite Maine voting to permit the leisure use of cannabis in 2016, there are still no legal weed shops in the region with retailers due to have opened their doors in June prevented by the Covid pandemic. Frustrated by the delay, Incredible­ of Portland, said it had found a way of fulfilling demand.

Customers who have “lost” weed are invited to enlist the help of a psychic to locate their missing stash. With the aid of the company’s website, the customer – who must be at least 21 – can identify the pot they have lost, which will then be found by one of its psychics.

“We have psychics roaming all over Portland...we can guarantee to find your lost weed! (For a small, but very worthwhile fee!),” it explains.

“Your word is good enough for us. If you say you lost it, we will find it guaranteed or you pay nothing.”

Another enterprise gave marijuana away, but charged a delivery fee. However, that loophole was closed.

“We are operating in a grey area, waiting for the politician­s of Maine to enact what people voted for,” said a spokesman for Incredible­

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