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Experts Jo and Luke Gray offer up a six-week movement plan for midlifers, as well as tips on how you can manage your stress



We have created a six-week movement plan for midlifers and it works both for beginner and experience­d exercisers. This week, I’m activating the core while giving you a whole-body workout.

The Turnout

(10-20 reps)

Now that many of you may be able to hold an extended plank, it’s time to try a Turnout.

It is ultimately a three-point plank, taking one arm and turning the body and reaching upwards.

Repeat by alternatin­g with both arms.

It is a great stretch for the chest and shoulders and middle back, while working the core extra hard. This exercise is perfectly achievable on hands and knees.

Elbow plank to extended plank (10-20 reps)

This is a great way to combine the elbow plank with the extended plank.

Start with elbows on the floor in the traditiona­l elbow plank position, and extend the arms one at a time until you are in the extended plank position. The core must be engaged at all times.

Once again, the same benefits are achieved if you are on your elbows and knees. It is still extremely demanding.

Side lunges (10-20 reps)

Stand with both feet together, then step with your right leg sideways, bending at the knee but most importantl­y keeping the left leg straight. Work within your capabiliti­es, so step as far as is comfortabl­e without straining yourself unnecessar­ily. Return back to your original feet together position.

Do the same movement with your left leg. Try to keep your knee and foot in alignment.

Knee lifts with pull-down arms (10-20 reps)

Starting with arms in the air, lift up the right knee while simultaneo­usly pulling the arms down in a fluid motion. When arms and knee come together around your midriff, reverse the movement, so your leg returns to the ground and your arms raise again, ready for another go. Now do the other leg.

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Balance improves leg and core strength and also slows down cognitive decline

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 ??  ?? Luke demonstrat­es the Turnout, below, and a knee lift, right
Luke demonstrat­es the Turnout, below, and a knee lift, right

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