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Prof James LOGAN

- Anna Magee

Prof James Logan is also head of the department of disease control at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He lives in Hertfordsh­ire with his wife Kirsty, their four-year-old daughter and their cocker spaniel

Igrew up in the countrysid­e and was sporty and fit as a youngster. I’ve always loved running for its ability to clear my head. But as I get older, different parts of my body seem to fall apart. Seven years ago, I kept getting injuries to my knees and ankles, and for three years I had a bad back that would go into spasm when I did everyday things such as closing the car door. It was debilitati­ng and meant I couldn’t exercise properly.

My life changed a few years ago when I got a personal trainer, Dan Bryan, who is also a sports therapist. Being quite competitiv­e, I used to go to the gym, lift heavy weights and sweat as much as I could. Dan taught me to slow down.

We shifted the focus to core stability and corrective exercises looking at how my body was working. For example, I discovered I had a lazy glute that was behind my back problems because I wasn’t using my legs properly. As a result, I haven’t had a running injury for years.

My typical workout week

because, for me, it’s more about my mental than physical health. I run two to three times a week for 5-10k each time. I can solve a problem while I am running or put some music on and forget about everything else. I’ve also converted my garage into a gym. I work out there a few times a week and see Dan every week via Zoom. I also walk the dog twice a day, so on a running day my step count can be around 20,000.

How I eat

I’m not naturally thin, and the older I get the more I realise this. So, I follow an 80/20 rule. Eighty per cent of the time I’m healthy, the rest I eat what I want. During the week, I do a 16:8 diet where I stop eating at 8pm and I don’t eat again until midday the next day, and I eat as healthily as I can. I’m a true believer in understand­ing what your body needs, versus what it wants and to tailor it to the amount of exercise you’re doing. Now I can quickly come up with a healthy meal at the right number of calories. But if I go out I eat what I like, and it’s the same at the weekend. I also give myself treats during the week, such as Biscuit Wednesday, when I’m allowed all the biscuits I want.

What I eat in a typical day

 Breakfast: None, decaf coffee.

 Lunch: Chicken with salad or, because I’m working from home, meat cooked on the barbecue with salad greens.  Snacks: Nuts with fruit.  Dinner: A meat dish such as chicken jambalaya with rice or, occasional­ly, I will join my daughter in having fish fingers and beans. A couple of squares of dark chocolate.

 Before bed: Porridge with blueberrie­s and honey or yogurt with a scoop of protein powder.

 ??  ?? High step count: James Logan runs two to three times a week
High step count: James Logan runs two to three times a week
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