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Caffeine: Decaf only. Caffeine makes me less focused.

Carbs: No bread or pasta, mainly brown or white rice. I have a weird stomach thing where foods such as yeast bloat me.

Alcohol: A couple of gin and slimline tonics on a Friday and Saturday. I avoid beer (the yeast thing). I love a glass of wine but it makes me put on weight, literally overnight, so I save it as a weekend treat.

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate. I eat it every evening, usually 70pc Lindt. My last order from Lindt came to £60.

Lesson from

lockdown: The world was much less prepared for a pandemic than we thought. Because Covid-19 seems to affect people who are unhealthy, now, more than ever, we need to look after our health.

Covid game-changer:

We’re working on a study using dogs to detect Covid-19 in people’s body odour (we have done the same with malaria and the accuracy is over 90 per cent, a rate we think we can replicate). As one dog can screen up to 250 people an hour, it could make a big change to detection at places such as airports and help us return to some sort of normality.

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