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A small number of bridge clubs have managed to reopen for their members, writes Julian Pottage,

Bridge Correspond­ent. One club in Essex, the Mid Essex Bridge Club, has obtained some intersecti­ng plexiglass screens for placing on top of the bridge table, custom-made from a local supplier. Other safety features used by the club are as follows:

(i) limit of four tables and players need to book in advance; (ii) each table has its own set of boards; (iii) all players have their own bidding box and keep it throughout the session; (iv) the club allows a gap of 72 hours before reusing any equipment; (v) everyone uses hand sanitiser on arrival; (vi) only North touches the Bridgemate scoring machine, showing the score to East for checking and then pressing the accept button once East has given verbal approval (and if there is an arrow switch round the original North players continue to score); and (vii) club officials use gloves when handling any equipment for playing or refreshmen­ts.

The Scottish Bridge Union has announced a second online Bronze league. Matches will be of 16 boards, played each Wednesday. This is a likely to be a popular event, with enough teams entered in the first online Bronze league for nine divisions. The closing date for entries is Wednesday, Aug 19.

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