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Cy­clist sues owner of dog that sent him fly­ing over han­dle­bars

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A CY­CLIST is su­ing an in­vest­ment banker for £50,000 af­ter he went over the han­dle­bars of his bike when her dog ran in front of him.

David Crane, a pub­lish­ing ex­ec­u­tive, was cy­cling across Ac­ton Green Com­mon, west London, on his way to work in March 2016 when Ca­rina Read’s cocker spaniel, Felix, ran across his path while chas­ing a ball. Mr Crane said that af­ter brak­ing hard to avoid the dog, he flew over the han­dle­bars and hit his head, suf­fer­ing a brain haem­or­rhage, seizure and con­cus­sion.

Mr Crane is now su­ing Ms Read, an Irish-born in­vest­ment banker, say­ing his in­juries have af­fected his mem­ory and con­cen­tra­tion, left him plagued by headaches, im­paired his sense of taste and smell and re­duced his abil­ity to hear in his left ear.

The 70-year-old cy­clist is also su­ing Ms Read, 48, un­der the 1971 An­i­mals Act, but her lawyers say the act only re­lates to dam­age done by a dan­ger­ous an­i­mal and that Felix is not dan­ger­ous.

Ms Read said she did her best to warn Mr Crane by shout­ing at him as he “sped” down the path. Mr Crane in­sisted he was rid­ing at no more than 5mph at the time be­cause “I was very over­weight and cy­cling fast was not some­thing I did”. He told Cen­tral London County Court he was “18 stone at the time”. Mr Crane also de­nied hav­ing struck Felix with his wheel.

Ms Read claimed the ac­ci­dent was a “freak oc­cur­rence” and de­nied sug­ges­tions that she did not have the cocker spaniel un­der proper con­trol.

Her lawyers also claim he should not have been cy­cling across the path as it was barred by a by-law and on that morn­ing the com­mon was fre­quented by “dogs, their own­ers, pedes­tri­ans and the oc­ca­sional cy­clist”.

Bar­ris­ter Nigel Lew­ers said: “Felix was not dan­ger­ous. He was run­ning to catch a ball which he mo­men­tar­ily knocked off course into Mr Crane’s path.” The case has been ad­journed to re­turn at a later date for the bar­ris­ters’ fi­nal sub­mis­sions.

‘Felix was run­ning to catch a ball which he mo­men­tar­ily knocked off course into Mr Crane’s path’

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