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Whitehall reforms include advertisin­g top jobs externally


ALL senior civil service roles will now be advertised externally to attract more talent from the private sector, as Michael Gove today launches a government declaratio­n on Whitehall reform.

The plans are among a series of changes that will be signed off at the first ever joint meeting of the Cabinet and civil service leaders from government department­s.

The “Declaratio­n of Government Reform”, which was set in motion by Mr Gove and Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser, will also include the relocation of 22,000 civil service roles out of London by 2030.

To further improve the delivery of government projects and programmes, an evaluation task force will be set up in the Cabinet Office to ensure “proper scrutiny of real world results”.

Permanent secretarie­s of department­s will have their performanc­e overseen by the Prime Minister and Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary.

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