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‘This won’t be the day we envisaged’


James Doughty, 33, is marrying Shannon Thornett, 30. Both are teachers from Bedford

After over a year of planning and replanning, my fiancée and I are relieved that we finally have the go-ahead to invite as many people as we want to our wedding in July, but with social distancing, this really isn’t going to be the day we envisaged. It’s frustratin­g that so many rules will still be in place. A shorter ceremony and restrictio­ns on kissing and exchanging rings in some register offices, not to mention a ban on dancing, all make for a rather watered down wedding.

I’m glad we can go ahead with the full complement of guests. After a long wait, it is, of course, a relief now to be able to go ahead, not least because we were going to have to do battle with our venue and suppliers if we’d had to postpone a second time. If the restrictio­ns on numbers had stayed the same, we would have postponed again. Now we can have the 85 family members and friends that we want to be there with us. I do worry social distancing will take something away from the day. I know it’ll be a wonderful day. But it certainly won’t be the wedding we dreamed of.

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