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An EU fiefdom


Sir – The writing is on the EU wall for Northern Ireland. It is to be treated as an EU fiefdom, to be submerged gradually in the morass that is EU life.

The Swiss have wisely rejected being ensnared in the EU net. The United Kingdom has to draw a line. If the EU does not back down, we must consider seriously whether the Brexit deal is worth the grief. If this situation continues, World Trade Organisati­on terms must be considered as a more attractive option.

Clive Williams

Coedpoeth, Denbighshi­re

Sir – I understood that Brexit would free Britain from constraint­s. Instead, ordinary light bulbs are banned to keep in with EU diktats, and Northern Ireland is being forced to observe damaging EU trade barriers. What happened to our newfound freedoms?

Camilla Coats-carr

Teddington, Middlesex

Sir – If President Emmanuel Macron really intended to suggest only that Northern Ireland was not a “geographic­al” part of the UK, then by the same token Corsica is not a “geographic­al” part of France.

Huw Wynne-griffith

London W8

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