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MPS vote ‘reeking of booze’, complains former minister


A FORMER minister has hit out at Parliament’s drinking culture as she revealed she had become “disillusio­ned” about voting alongside colleagues who were “reeking of booze”.

Tracey Crouch, the Tory MP for Chatham and Aylesford, said she knew of MPS who had “missed votes or voted the wrong way” because they had been drinking.

Asked during an interview with GB News whether she had made a decision to avoid bars in Westminste­r, the former minister for sport said: “I would not say that I never went to the bars in the Commons, because that’s not true, but I do try not to drink in Westminste­r.”

She added: “I just think I became quite upset, quite disillusio­ned by the number of people going through division lobbies reeking of booze. It’s just not a pleasant environmen­t.

“I know colleagues that have missed votes or voted the wrong way because of alcohol, and I prefer to just stay focused, and do my drinking when I’m home instead, with my family and friends.”

Ms Crouch’s comments are the latest in a series of interventi­ons in recent years that have shone a spotlight on Parliament’s drinking culture.

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