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You shall have a fishy grown in a dishy in a factory

- By Olivia Rudgard environmen­t correspond­ent

A FISH supper once depending on the boat coming in but fish grown in a dish could be on supermarke­t shelves within five years after a Birds Eye deal.

Nomad Foods, a London-based frozen food company that owns the Birds Eye brand, is to work with a company in California to bring the factory-grown fish to shops.

San Diego-based Bluenalu creates seafood from fish cells, in a method involving adding them to a nutrient solution and growing them under controlled conditions, before they are shaped into seafood portions.

The company is among a group of new hi-tech “fake meat” producers trying to cater to consumers increasing­ly conscious of the environmen­tal and ethical impact of their diets.

There are concerns about the sustainabi­lity of fish stocks, with scientists warning that overfishin­g and pollution threaten the health of the oceans.

The two companies said they had not yet decided what type of fish would first appear on shelves but would be working together to develop a product.

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