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Stir over ‘sexist’ NHS tips for mothers-to-be

- By Ewan Somerville

THE NHS has apologised and removed guidance urging pregnant women to make a “special meal” for their partners so they do not feel “overlooked”.

Expectant mothers were advised in the NHS Start4life online guide that the 22-week mark was a “good week to make a fuss of your partner”.

The official guide provided a link to “some tasty recipes you could try”, for fruit crumble, fish and chips and curry.

It led to immediate accusation­s of sexism, with campaigner­s descrbing it as “jaw-dropping” and a “timehop to the 1950s”.

Joeli Brearley, who founded Pregnant Then Screwed, an anti-discrimina­tion group, said that the guidance made her “actually gasp”.

Last night, health officials backtracke­d and replaced the section with generic advice on well-being.

A spokesman for Public Health England said: “This wording is out of date and has now been changed. We recognise it is not appropriat­e and we apologise.”

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