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Standing up to the EU over Northern Ireland


sir – The problems that M&S has had in Northern Ireland since Brexit (Business, September 13) beggar belief.

Apparently, to get clearance at ports, it has been required to sift through 40,000 pages of paperwork a week. From October, that number will treble. One error could result in a truckload of 650 items being refused. M&S also says that, over the summer, papers were rejected because of ink colour, and trucks delayed as the dairy content of chocolate chip cookies was debated.

EU bureaucrat­s are still being allowed to inflict ridiculous burdens on us. Has Boris Johnson not got the bottle to put an end to this nonsense? Clive Green

Bristol sir – Andrew Fraser (Letters, September 13) suggests relaxing the rules as to who can drive heavy vehicles in order to solve the shortage, but more has to be done.

The chief executive of the trucking company Wincanton recently announced “fast-track learning opportunit­ies for young drivers that would see their qualificat­ion time cut from 12 months to three” (Business, September 6).

Why should the training take even this long? Thirty-five years ago it took me one week to get my Class 1 HGV licence (and there was nothing particular­ly special about me).

Ron Osborne Westerham, Kent

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