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Exorbitant and irrational travel restrictio­ns can’t end soon enough

- Crewkerne, Somerset

SIR – My wife and I are English. We have lived in The Gambia for 20 years. We have to travel to Spain every six months for medical check-ups, which include my wife’s breast cancer check.

We are double vaccinated (Astrazenec­a) and have a government certificat­e – signed, dated and stamped – showing when each dose was given. Neither Spain nor Britain recognises that certificat­e. What was the point?

Prior to travelling we had to have PCR tests at a cost of £80. They were negative. We did not have to selfisolat­e in Spain. After five days in Spain we had to have two more PCR tests at a total cost of €290, which were again negative. Later, at check-in for our flight from Malaga to Cardiff, the document was reviewed. Upon arrival in Britain, no one checked anything.

Prior to flying to Wales we had to pre-book and pay for day-two and day-eight PCR tests. Another £250. We are staying in a cottage, where our nearest neighbours are at least one mile away, and we have to self-isolate.

This situation is a money-maker and out of control. Why did we bother getting vaccinated, besides to protect ourselves? We have spent close to £600 for tests on top of the usual travel costs, and must have another PCR test to return home. The sooner this mess ends, the better

A D Collins Kotu, Banjul, Gambia

SIR – The Government has shelved plans for Covid vaccine passports for nightclubs and other large crowd venues (report, September 13).

For shame. Scotland is to have the passports soon, but England is set to allow Covid to continue to spread at high speed. How is this tolerable?

This policy would massively encourage the unvaccinat­ed finally to get the jab in order to protect both themselves and others. It worked in France.

Sebastian Monblat Sutton, Surrey

SIR – My 101-year-old aunt has just had to relocate to a different old people’s home 100 miles away, as the previous one has closed down due to staff declining to have a Covid vaccinatio­n.

The home was financiall­y viable and has had no Covid infections due to its enforcemen­t of isolation of residents and staff. I have only recently been allowed to visit. I understand that other private homes within a 40-mile radius have also had zero infections due to their adopting the same procedures throughout the pandemic.

If compulsory jabs were enforced universall­y, the Government might be forgiven, but the lack of courage in doing so thus far out of fear of NHS unions reflects badly on our leaders.

Tom Forbes Brecon

SIR – Were I to be searching for a care home at the moment, my first question would be: “How many of your staff are vaccinated against Covid?”

If the answer was less than 100 per cent, I would look elsewhere.

Philip Harris

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