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Is this really Britney’s happy ever after?


She’s only six years younger than me yet, as I read the news of Britney Spears’s engagement, I couldn’t shake a feeling of motherly concern. There she is on her Instagram – “I can’t f---ing believe it !!!!! ” – showing off a four-carat diamond ring engraved with the word “lioness”. But strong and assertive isn’t necessaril­y what we think when we read about the troubled and surely infinitely fragile former child star. After all, this is the woman who has been engaged in a lengthy legal battle to end the controvers­ial 13-year conservato­rship which has allowed her father to control both her personal life and her finances. So will a third marriage really give her the freedom she craves?

Yes, she’s been with Sam Asghari – an actor and fitness trainer 12 years her junior – since 2016, but I’ve spent enough time in LA to build a healthy mistrust of the men and women who get close to uber-celebritie­s. Although I wish the couple well, I’m with actress Octavia Spencer, who commented beneath Spears’s post: “Make him sign a pre-nup.” She was joking. Of course.

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