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Last week, writes Julian Pottage, Bridge Correspond­ent, the highest scores each day in the English Bridge Union’s main online matchpoint duplicate pairs sessions played were as follows:

Monday: 73.11% scored by Paddy Murphy and Tracy Sherman in Game 2 (3.30 pm).

Tuesday: 78.57% scored by Keith Joules and David Waxman in Game 1 (2 pm).

Wednesday: 75.60% scored by Jo Jarrold and Nicholas in Game 2.

Thursday: 73.68% scored by Kostadin Vasilev and Anton Mauve in Game 3 (7.30 pm).

Friday: 71.11% scored by Peter Morgan and Clive Stops in Game 3.

Saturday: 72.79% scored by Alan Kay and David Walker in Game 1.

Sunday: 67.22% scored by Roy Young and Sheila Evans in Game 2.

Lord-lieutenant of Angus (Mrs Patricia Sawers).

His Royal Highness this afternoon visited Murray Mcbay and Company, Fore Street, Johnshaven, and was received by Her Majesty’s Lord-lieutenant of Kincardine­shire (Mr Alastair Macphie).

The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay afterwards visited Castleton Fruit Farm, Fordoun, Kincardine­shire.

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