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Dutch ‘Nazis’ protest over Covid measures

- By James Crisp

TEN people dressed as Nazis staged a mock execution of a Jewish prisoner on the streets of a Dutch village in a protest against coronaviru­s restrictio­ns.

Images on social media of the young people giving Nazi salutes and appearing to carry weapons caused outrage in Urk, which has the lowest vaccinatio­n rate in the Netherland­s.

In one picture, a “Nazi soldier” pretends to shoot a kneeling person wearing the Star of David. The group were also accused of setting off a smoke bomb in the street on Saturday.

Authoritie­s in the staunchly Christian municipali­ty are now investigat­ing whether a crime was committed.

The group claimed to have been at a fancy dress party in a letter of apology, which made no mention of the pandemic. It said: “We want to emphasise that we are absolutely not anti-semitic or against Jews, or support the German regime. Our sincere apologies.”

About three quarters of the Jewish population of the Netherland­s, which was occupied by the Nazis, were murdered during the Holocaust.

“We understand that these young people want to make their voices heard about the impact of the coronaviru­s measures,” said mayor Cees van den Bos. “However, we do not understand the way they are doing it.”

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