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Period changes affect 30,000 after jab ‘but it usually returns to normal in next cycle’

- By Joe Pinkstone science correspond­ent

MORE than 30,000 women in the UK have experience­d menstrual disruption after a Covid vaccine, official data show.

Dr Victoria Male, a reproducti­ve specialist at Imperial College London, is working on a project to assess the link and the level of risk.

“Most people who report a change to their period after vaccinatio­n find that it returns to normal in the following cycle and, importantl­y, there is no evidence that Covid vaccinatio­n adversely affects fertility,” she wrote in an opinion article in the BMJ.

Dr Male says menstrual cycle changes occur regardless of the type of vaccine a person gets, indicating that if there is a link it is caused by the immune response and not the vaccine itself.

She said vaccine hesitancy among women was largely driven by “false claims that vaccinatio­n could harm their chances of future pregnancy”.

“Failing to thoroughly investigat­e reports of menstrual changes after vaccinatio­n is likely to fuel these fears,” she wrote. “If a link between vaccinatio­n and menstrual changes is confirmed, this informatio­n will allow people to plan for potentiall­y altered cycles.

“Clear and trusted informatio­n is important for those who rely on being able to predict their menstrual cycles to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.”

Period changes are not in the common side effects from Covid jabs listed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. “But primary care clinicians and those working in reproducti­ve health are increasing­ly approached by people who have experience­d these events shortly after vaccinatio­n,” added Dr Male.

‘Importantl­y, there is no evidence that Covid vaccinatio­n adversely affects fertility’

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