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The London IT manager helped block the M25/A13 junction on Monday. She has been with Extinction Rebellion since 2018 in actions such as blockades in Waltham Forest. She describes herself as a rebel, cyclist, walker and gardener. Ms Eagling hasn’t always used carbon-neutral transport. She has travelled to India twice with a group who cycled across the country. Her blog said that they took their bikes as part of their hand luggage. The eco-conscious protester has also flown to Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


This electricia­n from south London and has had a long relationsh­ip with Extinction Rebellion. He was one of those convicted of obstructin­g the printing presses of national newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph. Mr Norton managed to delay his trial by two hours by gluing his hand to the court furniture and filming proceeding­s on his phone. The judge called his behaviour “particular­ly disruptive”.


The retired family therapist from Bristol is a member of Christian Climate Action. She has previously committed contempt of court by gluing herself to court furniture.


The retired Bristol GP had a history with XR before being arrested yesterday for blocking the M25. She was charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage to the British Medical Associatio­n offices.


David was among several XR protesters who tried to confront Sir David Attenborou­gh at home after the veteran environmen­talist said the group’s law-breaking protests would alienate people.


The buddhist teacher describes himself as a charity fundraiser at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre. He has regularly flown to India for Buddhist retreats. In a Youtube video, he said that he didn’t want to go to a police cell or face the anger of lots of people, but “action is needed now”.


The retired dentist is now a parttime priest and a member of Extinction Rebellion who lives in Wantage. He was photograph­ed outside the offices of Rupert Murdoch’s News UK building after sewing his lips together in protest over what he called the “muting” of climate science.


The retired doctor pulled a similar stunt on his own in Sheffield by sitting in the middle of a busy road. The grandfathe­r admitted that his wife was “worried” about him. He said: “I wish I didn’t have to sit on the road with my hand glued to the tarmac, but nothing is being done.”


The Army veteran, who did four tours of Northern Ireland during the Troubles, attempted to defend Extinction Rebellion for staging a protest at the Cenotaph ahead of a remembranc­e service. He described the Government’s annual Remembranc­e Day service as a “little ritual”, and went on to put a climate change banner and a wreath at the Cenotaph which read “Honour Their Sacrifice, Climate Change Means War”. It was revealed last year that he is also a convicted drug dealer who was jailed for four years for selling heroin.


The Extinction Rebellion co-founder is believed to be involved in organising the protest, but didn’t attend because he had been arrested yesterday morning. He has recently been disowned by the group after he made comments about the Holocaust. Mr Hallam insisted that there was nothing “unique” about the genocide, and that the murder of six million Jews was “just another f---ery in human history”.

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