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An accountabl­e NHS


sir – Your Leading Article (September 15), discussing hospital capacity, makes for sobering reading. All the more reason to proceed with NHS reforms, in order to cut the long waiting lists.

Despite the controvers­y over the Health and Social Care Levy Bill, the extra money should indirectly improve the system, as well as enabling some waste and bureaucrac­y to be tackled.

No one can tell how much it will ultimately cost. Every area of the country will need to be assessed for the resources required by clinicians to treat patients promptly, thus reducing waiting lists. Some of the 30,000 NHS managers, assisted by clinical staff, should be responsibl­e for this and for providing a truer estimate of its cost.

NHS leaders must be made accountabl­e to the public, and more medically qualified people should be put in key positions.

Dr Ramon Gardner

Emeritus Consultant Psychiatri­st Addenbrook­e’s Hospital, Cambridge

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