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Williamson out


sir – Over the years I have seen many politician­s try to fill the role of Education Secretary and most have been indifferen­t.

Gavin Williamson, however, was particular­ly poor, and the only surprise about his dismissal yesterday was that Boris Johnson had been so slow to remove him.

Mick Ferrie

Mawnan Smith, Cornwall

sir – Dominic Raab is no longer Foreign Secretary, having failed to satisfy his boss.

However, he has been transferre­d to three other positions including Deputy Prime Minister. Does any company reward failure in this way?

Phil Wall

Cassagne, Haute-garonne, France

sir – Congratula­tions to Liz Truss on her well-deserved promotion to become Britain’s second ever female Foreign Secretary. Boris Johnson has shown initiative in his reshuffle. Dominic Shelmerdin­e

London SW3

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