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Democracy, Snp-style


sir – Nicola Sturgeon says that, since Scotland has only six Tory MPS at Westminste­r, Scots did not vote for the current British Government, and therefore policies are being forced on us against our will.

This from a First Minister who has led a minority government since 2016 and gone into a coalition in all but name with a party that polled 35,000 votes in the last Holyrood election.

Is this Scottish government one for which the majority of Scots voted? Jennifer Wagstaff

Ellon, Aberdeensh­ire

sir – A wise old Scot once told me: “You know the population of Scotland is roughly the same as that of Yorkshire.”

Perhaps if we kept that in mind when discussing Scottish independen­ce, it would help to keep things in perspectiv­e.

Ian France

Penrith, Cumbria

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