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The Met Gala’s red carpet radicals are missing a trick...


Political activism is fabulously on-trend right now. At this week’s big showbiz party, the Met Gala in New York, numerous guests wore outfits adorned with activist slogans.

For example, the model Cara Delevingne wore a vest that read, “Peg the Patriarchy”, while Alexandria Ocasio-cortez – the glamorous young Democrat and Twitter personalit­y – wore a dress that read “Tax the Rich”.

No doubt they believed they were being bold and provocativ­e. But they weren’t.

As all the slogans were Left-wing, they almost certainly reflected the views of everyone present. This was, after all, a gathering of metropolit­an liberals. And there’s nothing brave or radical about saying something that everyone around you agrees with. The slogans might as well have been “I Like Coffee” or “Cats Are Cute”.

If they really want to be bold and provocativ­e, the guests at next year’s Met Gala should dare to wear Right-wing slogans, instead. Say, a pair of leather trousers stitched with the words, “Support Arctic Oildrillin­g” or a frock daubed with the words, “The Laffer Curve Demonstrat­es That the Most Effective Way to Raise Revenue for Public Services is Actually to Cut Taxes, Not Raise Them”.

Or, if they want to be really shocking, a baseball cap that reads: “Trump 2024”.

 ??  ?? On message: Cara Delevingne wore a slogan vest to the Met Gala
On message: Cara Delevingne wore a slogan vest to the Met Gala

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