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The first of three weekends of the English Premier League has taken place, writes Julian Pottage, Bridge Correspond­ent. The action was at three different venues in the Greater London area:

Division 1 at Franklin House; Division 2 at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club; and Division 3 at Richmond Bridge Club. The leading scores are as follows: Division 1: 1st David Mossop, Gunnar Hallberg, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett, Phil King and Derek Patterson, 90.03 VPS; and 2nd Andrew Black, David Gold, Simon Cope, Peter Crouch, Andrew Mcintosh and Tom Paske, 88.79 VPS.

Division 2: 1st Paul Hackett, John Sansom, Dave Debbage and Croz Croswell, 95.29 VPS; and 2nd Joe Fawcett, Gillian Fawcett, David Burn, Ian Payn, Jim Grant and Stefan Lindfors, 81.69 VPS.

Division 3: 1st William Clennell, Dominic Cooke, Senthur Shanmugara­sa, Kavinthan Vickneswar­an, Theo Sinclair and Giorgio Provenza, 88.18 VPS; and 2nd Ewa Wieczorek, Yining Yang, Lawrence Wang and Charlie Bucknell, 83.37 VPS.

The second weekend will be in mid-october and the third weekend in early November.

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