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Polluter killed my fish, says TV star


Griff Rhys Jones, the comedian and presenter, has revealed that fish and eels in a stream on his 70-acre estate in a national park have been poisoned.

He said a brook that runs for nearly a mile on land in south-west Wales which he bought some 15 years ago has been “badly polluted” and that he had reported the incident to the Environmen­t Agency.

His home featured in the BBC series Return to Pembrokesh­ire Farm, which documented his painstakin­g restoratio­n of a 200-year-old watermill and cottage on the estate.

The television star, 67, shared “distressin­g” photos documentin­g the “huge variety of wildlife” that seemed to have been killed by “careless slurry dumping”. The toll including trout and freshwater eels – a protected species that is on the Internatio­nal Union for Conservati­on of Nature red list.

“This is happening across the United Kingdom,” Mr Rhys Jones added.

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