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Regiment’s cap badge ‘identical’ to that of terror squad

- By Danielle Sheridan Defence correspond­ent

THE British Army is facing a backlash from officers over a new cap badge that they say is near-identical to those worn by a Rhodesian terror squad. Multiple officers privy to discussion­s about the beret for the newly formed Ranger Regiment have raised serious concerns that the cap badge may have been designed based on the one worn by the Selous Scouts, the now disbanded special forces regiment from the Rhodesian army.

The former unit fought black insurgent armies in the Sixties and Seventies as part of their quest to keep white minority rule over what is now Zimbabwe. One defence source said: “An officer said he had seen an email saying that it was actually based on the Selous Scouts. “It’s almost identical to the Rhodesian Selous Scouts, which is controvers­ial due to their involvemen­t with an apartheid regime. There’s obvious difference­s but it’s f------close and clearly based on it. “It sounds bad to me. Having a cap badge in this day and age with any connection to a racist regime whatsoever seems outrageous.” It is understood that numerous officers have raised concerns with the new badge’s apparent connection to the Selous Scouts.

However, most believe that the opportunit­y to prevent it from going into circulatio­n will have passed as it will have already had the Queen’s approval.

An Army spokesman said:“the Ranger Regiment cap badge has been designed around the peregrine falcon. Any comparison or associatio­n to the osprey depicted in the Selous Scouts’ cap badge is completely inaccurate.

“The Ranger Regiment is very proud of its new cap badge, which takes inspiratio­n and spirit from the peregrine falcon; fast, agile and fiercely loyal to its partner, it operates around the world in all environmen­ts.”

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