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In at the deep end

New PM will have to hit the ground running


Energy bills

The Treasury is working on tackling rising energy costs, including reforms to the energy market and targeted support. Inflation Ministers need to ease the effects of inflation, which could come in the form of tax cuts. Headline rate is forecast to hit 20 per cent next year.

NHS backlogs

Covid-era backlogs remain, with patients unable to book GP appointmen­ts if they do not have life-threatenin­g illnesses. Northern Ireland Protocol

Ongoing gridlock in negotiatio­ns with the EU mean the next PM must decide whether to abandon the Protocol.


The Supreme Court sits at the start of October to determine if the Scottish Government can hold a second independen­ce referendum. The UK Government insists power to call one is “reserved” in Westminste­r. Partygate

The Privileges Committee is to investigat­e Boris Johnson over claims he misled the Commons, but legal advice commission­ed by the Government suggests its approach is flawed.


Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed hope that the next prime minister will continue to support Ukraine.

Public sector strikes

More strikes are planned, including on the railways and in courts. Unions for civil servants have suggested they may down tools in the first days of the next administra­tion.

Net zero

The UK is committed to climate action, but there is pressure to scrap some green policies, including levies on energy bills.

Illegal immigratio­n

The next prime minister will continue to face legal opposition to the Rwanda policy, as small boats continue to cross the channel and Albanian gangs outfox the Border Force.

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