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UK fruit and veg like something out of the Med

- By James Moules

EXOTIC fruits and vegetables more typical of a “Mediterran­ean or California­n garden” are growing in popularity among British gardeners thanks to this summer’s heatwave.

Watermelon­s and bananas have been flourishin­g according to the Royal Horticultu­ral Society, but more common plants to England such as roses have had a harder time in the hot summer.

It comes following a sweltering summer that saw the hottest day ever recorded in the UK, with temperatur­es reaching 40.3C in July – the first time on record Britain hit more than 40C.

Despite the challenges the soaring temperatur­es pose for gardeners, Guy Barter, RHS chief horticultu­rist, said milder winters and hot summers offer favourable conditions for exotic plants.

Window cleaner Chris Bower in Ipswich, has been able to grow all sorts of fruit and veg from watermelon­s to peppers and pineapples to aubergines.

He told The Mail on Sunday: “The way the climate is going has [let me] have plants you would normally expect in a Mediterran­ean or California­n garden.”

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