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Denied the freedom of driving by DVLA sloth


SIR – What is going on at the DVLA?

In February, as my 76th birthday approached, I completed the applicatio­n for renewal of my driving licence. I had to tick a box to say there had been a change in my eyesight.

On March 12, I received a letter asking about my sight, and for the details of the doctors and specialist­s dealing with me. I replied straight away, explaining that both my optician and ophthalmol­ogist had cleared me for driving.

On April 29, I was asked to make an appointmen­t at Specsavers for a DVLA eye test. This was scheduled for May 17 – but, as a result of illness, I had to cancel it. I was assured that the DVLA would be informed of this.

On June 17, I received a letter from the DVLA thanking me for confirming that I had withdrawn my applicatio­n. I immediatel­y wrote back and said I had done no such thing. That afternoon I had cataract surgery, and on July 6 I successful­ly completed the DVLA test at Specsavers. I returned the new form that the DVLA had sent to me.

After many abortive attempts to talk to somebody, I finally got through to a young man. He told me that my form had been uploaded to the system on July 21. Yet here I am, six weeks later, still waiting, still unable to drive.

I am a volunteer driver for our village good neighbour scheme, and am soon to host a Ukrainian family of a mother and two young daughters, who will need to be driven to various appointmen­ts. What can I do?

Janet Milliken

Capel-le-ferne, Kent

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