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Lucas sheds the pounds after indulging in cake on ‘Bake Off ’

- By Catherine Lough

MATT LUCAS has revealed his dramatic weight loss came after realising he “barely fit on the screen” having eaten “most of the cake” inside The Great British Bake Off tent.

The comedian, 48, responded to Lord Sugar on social media after he said: “Wow. [Matt Lucas] has lost so much weight.”

“Thanks,” he wrote on Twitter last month. “Basically I was already pretty big and then I went into a large white tent and ate most of the cake inside.

“Then I saw myself on telly and thought ‘I can barely fit on the screen’ and realised it was time to do something about it.

“That said, I have just had a Pot Noodle.”

The 5ft 6in star previously shed weight in 2009, when his doctor warned he was in danger of developing diabetes. His housemate, Jamie Barnard, is a personal trainer, and Lucas has previously said he would also like to improve his physical fitness.

Last year’s Bake Off winner Giuseppe Dell’anno responded to Lucas, saying: “You should be honest and admit that my cakes put you off desserts for good. I can only apologise!”

The 13th series of Bake Off airs next week. However, the pivotal “biscuit week” could prove a downbeat affair this year, with a third of contestant­s for the coming series naming particular varieties they dislike – and some admitting they are “not a huge fan” at all. Abdul, a 29-year-old electronic engineer from London, has said that she cannot understand the appeal of any biscuit or cake containing raisins.

Kevin, a 33-year-old teacher from Lanarkshir­e, said: “I know I’m Scottish and everything, but I actually can’t stand shortbread. Sacrilege, I know.” Malaysian-born Syabira, 32, has meanwhile said she is “not a huge fan of biscuits”, while 45-year-old Will, a former charity director from London, said that Bourbon biscuits “don’t taste right to me”. And 18-year-old Maisam, originally from Libya, described Garibaldi biscuits as “boring”, adding that she really dislikes raisins.

‘The Great British Bake Off ’ starts on Tuesday Sept 13 at 8pm on Channel 4

 ?? A more streamline­d Matt Lucas, right, has come a long way since his portlier days in 2005, left ??
A more streamline­d Matt Lucas, right, has come a long way since his portlier days in 2005, left

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