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M&S replaces tea cups and saucers to save on washing up


MARKS & SPENCER will no longer serve hot drinks in tea cups and saucers in an attempt to save on energy and water. The retail giant said it was more efficient to clean a single mug rather than two pieces of crockery. It is still using teapots.

“We have started providing customers with china mugs rather than cups and saucers to reduce water and energy use,” the company said. “It reduces water as fewer items need dishwashin­g. We trialled it in 10 cafés and it is now being rolled out to a further 50. Customer feedback has been positive.”

While Marks & Spencer said it was confident that customers were happy with the changes, some regular cafe attendees said they were disappoint­ed by the change.

Ron Moore, 86, who regularly visits an M&S in Longbridge, Birmingham,

‘We have started providing china mugs rather than cups and saucers to reduce water and energy use’

with his wife Jennifer, said: “We go to M&S once a week for our tea and toasted teacakes for breakfast, before doing our weekly shopping. We are very friendly with the staff and they informed us that cups and saucers were being removed.

“They are going to be replaced with just mugs and tea bags. This could cost them a lot of customers, especially as us pensioners love our pots of tea.

“They told us that they have had lots of complaints from pensioners.

“The staff think it’s the cost of the electricit­y to run the dishwasher­s, so it would appear it’s purely financial,” he told the Daily Mail.

Once a popular feature in British kitchens, tea cups and saucers have steadily fallen out of common use but are gaining popularity in the market for vintage crockery.

The East India Trading Company introduced tea cups to Britain in the late 18th century.

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