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With Liz Truss as leader, the Conservati­ves have an opportunit­y to return to first principles


SIR – I joined the Conservati­ves in May 1981, when Margaret Thatcher’s first administra­tion was at its nadir.

The core tenets of Thatcheris­m – sound money, personal responsibi­lity, strong defence, the rule of law and the creation of a property-owning democracy – chimed with my deeply held personal credo, which I still hold.

The Johnson Government’s lockdowns, idolatry of the NHS and higher taxes caused me to leave the party last autumn. Minutes after Liz Truss’s election I rejoined, elated by the prospect of a prime minister who favours a small state, individual liberty and free enterprise. I also believe Ms Truss shares Mrs Thatcher’s qualities of determinat­ion and stamina, and will not allow the Civil Service or ineffectiv­e ministers to blindside her. Conservati­ves: we have our party back. Philip Duly

Haslemere, Surrey

SIR – Liz Truss offers us an opportunit­y to restart. It is important that she creates a new Cabinet from all the best people in her party. No one invited to join should turn down the offer.

We need significan­t new policies and a new ethos that moves us on from the Johnson era.

Donald Mackenzie


SIR – I did not want to hear “I will deliver...” from Liz Truss. I wanted a less presidenti­al “My Cabinet and I will deliver...”

Jim Lane

Stourbridg­e, Worcesters­hire

SIR – On being announced as the next PM, Liz Truss rose from her seat and swept up to the podium without so much as a backward glance.

How much more generous and sporting it would have been to have shaken Rishi Sunak’s hand first.

Sue Ajax-lewis

Walberton, West Sussex

SIR – In selecting Liz Truss to be prime minister, the Conservati­ve Party – of which I have been a member for more than 30 years – has demonstrat­ed why it needs a period of sober reflection on the Opposition benches. On this, Ms Truss can be trusted to deliver.

Mark Hudson

Ashford, Kent

SIR – In recent years many Tory MPS have acquired an appetite for disloyalty to the leader. Don’t they realise that loyalty has always been a key factor in the party’s longevity? The next election will be tough enough without further self-inflicted wounds. Alex Turner

Cirenceste­r, Gloucester­shire

SIR – Having four prime ministers in six years says a lot about the way we elect and remove them from office.

As a Conservati­ve Party member I am embarrasse­d by the process through which Ms Truss was selected. She did not receive the majority backing of her MPS. The final selection was left up to just a fraction of the population – mostly white, middleclas­s and middle-aged. Ms Truss told those people what they wanted to hear, rather than addressing the hard choices to be made. I worry about the future of our party and our country. Lt-col Jeremy Prescott

Southsea, Hampshire

SIR – Conservati­ves seem to choose a female leader when the going gets tough. The choice of Margaret Thatcher was a triumph; the choice of Theresa May was not. I fear Liz Truss will be more like the latter.

Deirdre Lay

Cranleigh, Surrey

SIR – The Tories have elected their third female leader and prime minister. Labour can’t even manage one. What does the People’s Party of Islington have to say about this?

Alison Levinson

Hastings, East Sussex

SIR – Why does Cambridge not produce prime ministers anymore? Stephen M Ferguson

London SW1

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