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There’s nothing toxic about basic manners


SIR – Anthony Greenstree­t (Letters, September 5) asks if men still offer up seats to women on trains. I certainly do, and would help a lady put her case on an overhead shelf or carry it up station steps. I’d rather be accused of “toxic masculinit­y”, whatever that might be, than a lack of basic manners. Christophe­r Wood

Plymouth, Devon

SIR – When my wife and I have boarded crowded Tube trains recently, young men and women of all nationalit­ies have rushed to offer her their seats. John Coen

Cheam, Surrey

SIR – In M&S in Carlisle last week, I held open a door for a middle-aged lady, who responded: “I’m perfectly capable of opening a door, young man.” I savoured the compliment, being old enough to have been her father, but on reflection I wondered if it was sarcasm. Patrick Tracey

Carlisle, Cumbria

SIR – Sixty-seven years ago, a student gave up his seat to a lady he had never seen before. Four years later, they were married. Our marriage lasted nearly 60 years, until death did us part. Sir Peter Innes

Winchester, Hampshire

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