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The Life Scientific Radio 4, 9am

Jim Al-khalili returns with the series that brings science to life through the lives of its foremost practition­ers. Today’s guest is chemist Frances Arnold who, in the words of her Nobel Prize citation, “with one ingenious idea, and years of subsequent work, turned bio-engineerin­g upside down.” Her dogged determinat­ion was obvious from early on: she left home at 15, attended school “only when [she] felt like it” and even drove yellow cabs in Pittsburgh to pay her rent. How she got from there to winning a Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2018 is a fascinatin­g story packed with engaging twists.

File on 4 Radio 4, 8pm

A disturbing report about serious failings in the UK courts’ new Common Platform software system, which was rolled out last year to provide a single, streamline­d digital resource for legal profession­als to access case informatio­n such as charges, evidence and results. But the £250million project now stands accused of causing wrongful arrests, unlawful detentions and worse. Reporter Alys Harte hears from whistle-blowers who say early warnings that the system was unfinished and beset with bugs, errors and glitches went ignored and that continuing roll-out may undermine the courts.

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