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Large Blue has scientists aflutter


AN endangered butterfly that was once extinct in the UK has had its best summer in 150 years.

The Large Blue butterfly is one of Europe’s most endangered insects but thousands have been recorded in south-west England as the result of a long-term conservati­on project, led by the Royal Entomologi­cal Society.

Twelve new sites are being restored to become flower-rich meadows suitable for Large Blue breeding.

The species was declared extinct in the UK in 1979. Four years later caterpilla­rs were brought from Sweden to reintroduc­e it in England.

David Simcox, project officer for the Royal Entomologi­cal Society and Joint Committee for the Re-establishm­ent of the Large Blue Butterfly, said: “We are extremely proud the partnershi­p’s efforts have enabled hundreds of people to see this stunning butterfly on some of the most beautiful grassland sites in the country.”

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