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Today’s birthdays


Mr Christophe­r Hampson, Chairman, RMC Group, 1996-2002, is 91; Sir Colin Mccoll, former diplomat; Head of MI6, 1988-94, 90; Mr J.P.L. Perry, Chairman, Paragon Group, 1992-2007, 83; Dame Monica Mason, Director, Royal Ballet, 2002-12, 81; Mr Roger Law, artist and caricaturi­st, 81; Mr Roger Knight, President, MCC, 2015-16; Secretary and Chief Executive, MCC, 2000-06, 76; Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General, The Muslim Council of Britain, 2002-06, 71; Sir Simon Burns, former Conservati­ve Government Minister, 70; Mr Justice Fraser 59; Miss Emily Maitlis, broadcaste­r, 52; Mr Jason Atherton, chef and restaurate­ur, 51; the Marquess of Londonderr­y 50; Mr Idris Elba, actor, writer, producer and musician, 50; former tennis Greg Tim Henman, Rusedski, Mr Mr player, now commentato­r, 49; former tennis player, now commentato­r, 48; Mr Tom Ransley, former rower; Olympic gold medallist, men’s coxed eight, Rio 2016; bronze medallist, men’s eight, London 2012, 37; and Mr Oisin Murphy, flat racing jockey; Champion Jockey 2019, 2020 and 2021, 27.

Today is the anniversar­y of the sailing of the Mayflower from Plymouth in 1620.

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