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The Week in Westminste­r


Tuesday, Sept 6 Commons: Oral questions: Foreign, Commonweal­th and Developmen­t Office (including Topical Questions). Ten Minute Rule Motion: Criminal Appeal (Amendment). Legislatio­n: Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill, 2nd Reading. Programme Motion: Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill. Adjournmen­t: Impact of Small Brewers Relief on independen­t brewers. Westminste­r Hall: Debates on: Unavoidabl­y small hospitals; Redevelopm­ent of Peterborou­gh Station Quarter; Potential merits of devolving employment law to Scotland; Reform of employee share ownership schemes; COVID-19 vaccines and the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. Lords: Oral questions: Repatriati­on of cultural objects to their places of origin in light of the decision of the Horniman Museum to return its collection of Benin Bronzes to Nigeria; Support for low-income families who do not pay income tax, to help meet their rising energy costs; Plans to Introduce a bill to reform leasehold as a tenure for housing; Humanitari­an and security situation in northern Ethiopia. Legislatio­n: Social Housing (Regulation) Bill, Committee stage.

Wednesday, Sept 7 Commons: Oral questions: Northern Ireland. At noon, questions to the Prime Minister. Ten Minute Rule Motion: Lithium-ion Battery Storage (Fire Safety and Environmen­tal Permits). Legislatio­n: Financial Services and Markets Bill, 2nd Reading. Money Resolution: Financial Services and Markets Bill. Motion: Financial Services and Markets Bill, Ways and Means. Adjournmen­t: Government funding for small modular reactors. Westminste­r Hall: Debates: Government’s regulatory approach to crypto-assets and currencies; Access to the Healthy Start scheme; Seven Principles of Public Life; NHS dentistry services in Carshalton and Wallington; Rimrose Valley and Liverpool Port Access. Lords: Oral questions: Current military situation in Ukraine; Improving access to treatments for NHS patients; Re-opening UK gas storage capacity in the North Sea. Legislatio­n: Energy Bill (HL), Committee stage (Day 2).

Thursday, Sept 8 Commons: Oral questions: Environmen­t, Food and Rural Affairs (including Topical Questions); Church Commission­ers and House of Commons Commission and Parliament­ary Works Sponsor Body and Public Accounts Commission and Speaker’s Committee on the Electoral Commission. Business Statement and Business Questions to the Leader of the House. Motion: Allocation of Time Motion, Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill (HL). Legislatio­n: Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill (HL), all stages (2nd Reading, Money Resolution, Committee of the Whole House, 3rd reading). Backbench Business: General Debate on Parliament­ary Services for Members. Adjournmen­t: Free school meals and tackling child poverty. Westminste­r Hall: Debates on: Select Committee Statement: First report of the Women and Equalities, Menopause in the workplace, HC 91; Supporting local food infrastruc­ture; The Future of Coastal Communitie­s. Lords: Oral questions: UK’S participat­ion in the Horizon Europe research programme; When the Royal Navy will be able to deploy a carrier with the full complement of 36 Uk-owned F35B in its air wing; Provision of end-of-life care by the NHS, particular­ly in respect of Archie Battersbee. Debates: Role of primary and community care in improving patient outcomes and the need for reform; Impact of climate change and bio-diversity loss on food security. Short debate: Impact of GCSE and A-level results on the attainment gap for children and young people in the North East of England.

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