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Sewage warning for swimmers at 71 beaches after heavy rain

- By Olivia Rudgard

SWIMMERS have been told not to bathe at more than 70 beaches because of sewage warnings following heavy rain.

Figures from the charity Surfers Against Sewage show that 71 beaches around England and Wales were either known to be the site of sewage dumps or forecast to be affected by them after rain overwhelme­d water systems on Monday night. It came as ministers were told to “cut the c--p” by Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, who accused the Government of having “utterly failed” to take action to stop “literal s--t” being pumped into rivers and seas. Conservati­ve MPS were among those to suggest that water company bosses should not be taking their “huge salaries” and bonuses if they cannot show their “house is in order”.

George Eustice, the Environmen­t Secretary, insisted the Government was acting on a “scale never seen before” to deal with the challenges posed by storm overflows. Water firms have claimed Ofwat’s refusal to approve infrastruc­ture upgrades is behind the problem.

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