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Justice system ‘put at risk’ by Moj’s new data-sharing project

- By India Mctaggart

A NEW IT project rolled out by the Ministry of Justice to make sharing informatio­n between courts, lawyers and police easier has been accused of putting the justice system at risk.

The Common Platform software system was rolled out last year to provide a streamline­d digital resource for legal profession­als. However, BBC’S Radio 4 File on 4 exposed that the project is being accused of causing unlawful detentions and wrongful arrests.

The software has been rolled out in criminal courts across England and Wales despite the fact that lawyers have reported difficulti­es with it for months.

Liam Kotrie, solicitor and director at Mary Monson Solicitors, told the BBC: “I know my way around most programmes and I am struggling.”

A whistleblo­wer who works as a legal adviser said the complicate­d nature of the system means informatio­n may be missed. “The consequenc­es of not getting things right are dire. If we can’t have any faith in our justice system, what can we have faith in?” they said.

A HM Courts and Tribunals Service spokesman said: “Common Platform is fundamenta­l to modernisin­g the court system, replacing out-of-date systems and freeing up court staff.”

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