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Tackling Lineker’s political bias is ‘a work in progress’

- By Anita Singh

GARY LINEKER’S approach to impartiali­ty is “a work in progress”, the BBC director-general has admitted, as he gave the Match of the Day presenter his full backing.

Lineker has repeatedly aired political opinions on social media, recently criticisin­g politician­s over sewage being dumped into English waters.

Tim Davie said the BBC was doing a “pretty good job” of tackling bias as he appeared at a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee where he was challenged over Lineker’s tweets.

“I’ve talked to Gary. He has sent thousands of tweets, and overall the behaviour – in terms of where he is – is in a lot better state. That conversati­on goes on,” Mr Davie said. “I’m very supportive of Gary… and it’s a work in progress in terms of where he draws the line. But I think he understand­s the guidelines.”

Committee member Steve Brine, Tory MP for Winchester, highlighte­d a tweet in which Lineker said: “As a politician how could you … bring yourself to vote for pumping sewage into our seas? Unfathomab­le!”

Mr Brine said: “He’s a brilliant pundit on football, but I don’t care what he thinks about water quality.” Mr Davie replied: “I think we’ve seen a massive improvemen­t to where he was a few years ago. Banning people completely from any issues-based tweeting is probably the wrong position.”

 ?? ?? Gary Lineker has faced criticism after making a string of political tweets
Gary Lineker has faced criticism after making a string of political tweets

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