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Sunak’s return a day after losing contest pleases Tories

- By Christophe­r Hope

A WEEK used to be a long time in politics. But nowadays, 24 hours seems like an age.

A mere day after losing the Conservati­ve leadership contest, Rishi Sunak found himself unexpected­ly making an interventi­on as a Tory backbenche­r in a Westminste­r Hall debate.

The former chancellor, whom MPS overwhelmi­ngly wanted to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister until the end of July, spoke during a fringe debate by MPS on “unavoidabl­y small hospitals”. He said: “Thank you for accommodat­ing me at a late stage in this debate. I hadn’t planned on speaking but this morning I saw the order paper and it turns out I had more time on my hands than I anticipate­d.” Tory MPS were pleased to see the former Cabinet minister back. One said he had shown that he wanted to “focus on his constituen­ts”.

It comes after Mr Sunak said on Monday that he did not expect to serve in Ms Truss’s Cabinet. He told the BBC that taking a job from Ms Truss was “not something I am thinking about,” but added that he would remain as an MP and would stand at the next election.

Mr Sunak said he hoped to serve his constituen­ts “not just in the immediate future but also at the next election” and added that Ms Truss would have his “full support” throughout her premiershi­p, adding: “Liz is going to provide support for households during winter and that’s a good thing. Many people are going to struggle and it is right they get some help.”

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