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Signals of bright fuchsia from Carrie in scene-stealing dress

- By Melissa Twigg

‘No sexier way to walk away…” And, no, that’s not a fashion editor’s take on the £485 fuchsia pink dress Carrie Johnson wore to watch her husband literally walk away from the seat of power, it’s the tagline of the brand itself.

Coincidenc­e or not, Carrie chose yesterday of all days to wear a dress by Harmur, a label that prides itself on creating the best possible view from behind by making a wearable range of backless tops and dresses.

And while this dress may have had merely a thin slit up the back and come in the cut Carrie is most comfortabl­e with – long sleeves and an ankle-grazing hemline with a cinched-in waist – it certainly was a scene-stealer. Carrie has always made a statement with colour – and yesterday morning was no different. Amid the beige trench coats, navy dresses and grey suits assembled outside Downing Street, the departing prime minister’s wife was impossible to miss in flowing fuchsia.

And of course, Twitter immediatel­y leapt on the fact it looked as though she wasn’t wearing a bra (understand­ably, really, given the open back). Whatever her underwear situation, it was a spotlight-stealing choice for 7.30am.

Some may say it was a dress more suited to a summer wedding than the sombre ending of a political career, but it was arguably also a savvy choice. By wearing it, Carrie seemed to be saying that she won’t be slinking out the door quietly – an undeniable power move for a 30-something with a long career ahead of her.

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