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Last week, writes Julian Pottage, Bridge Correspond­ent, the highest scores each day in the English Bridge Union’s open 12-board online matchpoint duplicate pairs games were:

Monday: 78.07%, scored by Naomi Gibbs and Michael Rawlins in Game 1 (2pm).

Tuesday: 74.17%, scored by Michael Friis and Gitte Hechtjohan­sen in Game 4 (9pm).

Wednesday: 68.56%, scored by Roger Forster and Mike Fawcett in Game 1.

Thursday: 76.30%, scored by Tony Harris and Graham Pearce in Game 4.

Friday: 77.08%, scored by Aldo Girli from Italy and Susan from Wales in Game 1.

Saturday: 71.30%, scored by Richard Holt and an Advanced BBO Bot in Game 4.

Sunday: 69.79%, scored by Gay Lewis and an Advanced BBO Bot in Game 3 (7.30pm).

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