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Another important part of their duties is the inspection and supervisio­n of food. For example, last year over 61,000 samples of milk were taken and submitted for analysis. The increasing interest shown by milk producers in milk grading has added considerab­ly to the work of milk inspectors. At the same time this part of their duties probably yields as important results as any, so far as the health of the children is concerned. During the last few months, the London sanitary inspectors have shown their keenness in learning more of the practical aspects of this part of their work by voluntaril­y attending in their leisure time certain lectures given by Mr. Tustin, the milk expert on the staff of the United Dairies Ltd.

In addition to inspection of milk, much care has to be taken to keep up the standard of meat designed for human consumptio­n. In the past there have been too many variations in the amount of inspection, designed to secure that meat shall reach the consumer free from disease and in a clean condition, and in the standards of judgment and practice. The report of the recent Department­al Committee on Meat Inspection, which prepared a detailed code of instructio­n, will, it is hoped, lead to a substantia­l increase in the reliabilit­y of this part of the sanitary inspectors’ work. The cleanlines­s of our daily bread, too, sometimes also depends upon the efficiency of the way in which these men carry out their duties.

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