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Giggs retrial nearly three years after arrest

- By Gareth Davies

RYAN GIGGS is to face a retrial next July – almost three years after he was arrested for domestic violence.

The former Manchester United footballer said he was “obviously disappoint­ed”, but wanted to clear his name.

Mr Giggs, 48, had been on trial for four weeks but last Wednesday the jury was discharged after failing to reach verdicts on any of the charges.

Judge Hilary Manley approved prosecutor­s’ applicatio­n for a retrial at Manchester Crown Court yesterday. The second trial will begin on July 31 – 143 weeks and one day after Mr Giggs was arrested on Nov 1 2020.

He said: “After more than three weeks in court, I am obviously disappoint­ed that a retrial has been ordered.

“My not guilty plea remains in relation to all charges. I am confident that … my name will be cleared.”

Mr Giggs had denied controllin­g or coercive behaviour towards his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 38, over a threeyear period. He also denied “losing control”, headbuttin­g her and assaulting her sister, Emma, by elbowing her in the jaw, during a row at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on the day of his arrest.

During yesterday’s hearing, Peter Wright QC, prosecutin­g, told Judge Manley: “The matter has been considered at a senior level within the Crown Prosecutio­n Service.

“Also the willingnes­s of the complainan­t to give evidence, although that is not determinat­ive on the matter, has also been canvassed. They indicate a preparedne­ss so to do.”

Mr Giggs’s bail was extended until the trial date.

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