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Catapults banned after school bus has windows smashed

- By Daily Telegraph Reporter

AN ORDER has been put in place to stop people using catapults and slingshots in two villages.

Wiltshire council has implemente­d a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPOS) for Downton and Redlynch to address antisocial behaviour.

On-the-spot fines can now be issued by police for the next six weeks.

PSPOS are designed to deal with any nuisance or antisocial behaviour within a defined area.

Residents say the area has been blighted by louts using catapults with homes and vehicles targeted.

In December, a few days before Christmas, a bus carrying 44 schoolchil­dren was hit by projectile­s fired from a catapult.

Wiltshire Police said at the time that the 44 from Salisbury to Woodfalls in Lode Hill, Downton, had three top-deck windows smashed.

The order, which came into force on Aug 31, states that anyone found with a slingshot or catapult or something that could be used as a missile launcher “without reasonable excuse” can be fined.

The council said it was trying to stop people using any item capable of launching a projectile which could cause damage.

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