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Bowls player shot with air rifle insists on finishing game

- By Will Bolton

AN ELDERLY woman who was shot with an air rifle while playing bowls insisted on finishing her game before being taken to hospital.

She was hit in the leg while three other players, a woman and two men, also came under attack at Lancing Bowling Club in West Sussex but did not need medical attention.

A group of youths were seen running away from the park after the incident on Aug 31 and police are appealing for help in catching them.

Frances Johnston, safeguardi­ng officer at the club, said six players on the green noticed what they thought were people throwing stones at them.

“I walked down to see what was happening and one lady had a round, lead pellet embedded in her leg,” she said.

“I took everyone into the clubhouse and managed to clean the wound of this elderly lady in her 90s who had been punctured.

“She sustained a hole in her leg, it went right in. I managed to remove the bullet. They all insisted on playing their game so I took her to A&E later on for a tetanus injection.”

Carol Albury, a councillor, said it was “shocking” that the boys were carrying around rifles in broad daylight and had used the players as targets.

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