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Ecocide charge for Kremlin as dolphins ‘killed by sonar’

- By Berny Torre

UKRAINE has charged Russia with ecocide after a large number of dead dolphins were washed up on the country’s southern coast.

The deaths of the marine mammals in the Black Sea have been blamed on the powerful sonar used by the Kremlin’s submarines and boats.

“Since the beginning of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a large number of dead marine mammals have been found on the beaches of Odesa region,” Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office said.

“The probable cause of their death is the use of sonars on submarines and surface boats of the aggressor country. Sonars emit powerful sounds that negatively affect animals’ health.”

Autopsy samples taken from the porpoises and dolphins have been sent for tests at the University of Padova, Italy, and the University of Hannover, Germany, it added.

Requests for informatio­n “to establish similar cases of death of dolphins” were also being prepared for Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania.

‘The probable cause of death is the use of sonars … that emit sounds that negatively affect animals’ health’

In July, Iryna Venediktov­a, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, said she was investigat­ing more than 21,000 allegation­s of Russian war crimes and crimes of aggression. The Internatio­nal Criminal Court has described the whole of country as a “crime scene”. Russia has denied all of the allegation­s.

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