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Flexible manners


sir – Anthony Greenstree­t’s letter (“The panicky politics of giving up a seat”, September 5) reminded me of the first time I travelled solo in London, as a 10-year-old in the 1950s, to visit my aunt.

I was sitting on the Tube in my school blazer and cap when a lady got on. With no seats available, I stood up and offered mine, which she accepted.

Near me was an elderly gent in a bowler hat, who offered the following advice: “Manners maketh man – except during rush hour.”

Bill Davies

Bridport, Dorset

SIR – When travelling to work on the Undergroun­d in the early 1960s, I was offered a seat by a charming-looking man old enough to be my father. I accepted gratefully.

I wonder how many other young ladies were offered a seat by Jo Grimond, then leader of the Liberal Party.

Jenny Graeme

Shaldon, Devon

SIR – While on holiday in Oberstdorf, in the German Alps, I silently gave up my seat on a bus to an elderly local lady. There were mutterings nearby and I knew enough German to pick up: “He must be English.”

Dave Alsop

Churchdown, Gloucester­shire

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