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NHS overhaul


SIR – Is it perhaps time for an incoming administra­tion to finally grasp the NHS nettle?

The ability of any government to continue funding this unwieldy megalith can no longer be sustained. How many more billions are to be set aside to keep it afloat?

Surely Britain needs to adopt a system such as the Australian Medicare, where people pay a small percentage of their income towards future medical requiremen­ts. Or the German Krankenkas­se system, one of the oldest in the world.

The current cost of the NHS is well over £120billion a year and is increased annually, sometimes biannually. Even the health unions must recognise that it can’t go on like this for much longer. But who will be brave enough to risk everlastin­g damnation by bringing in a more efficient and cost-effective system? Alan F Judge

Deeping St James, Lincolnshi­re

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